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Difficulty Level: Beginner AccountMate User

Version(s) Affected: AccountMate 7 for SQL and Express, AccountMate 6.5 for SQL and MSDE, AccountMate 6.5 for LAN

Module(s) Affected: All Modules

Posting Date: 05/16/2007


Understanding the capabilities of your system enables you to fully maximize its usage. It is also important that you are aware of its limitations. Knowing these limitations helps you plan how to more efficiently manage your system. One of the most common limitations in accounting software is that of handling special characters. In AccountMate, we refer to these characters as “illegal characters.” This TechNote provides you with a list of characters that are illegal in AccountMate and provides you with examples of possible problems that you may encounter when illegal characters are used.


Below is a list of characters considered illegal in AccountMate:

Apostrophe/single quote (‘)
Quotation mark/double quotes (“)
Colon (:)
Semi-colon (;)
Comma (,)
Asterisk (*)
Tilde (~)
Ampersand (&)
Caret (^)
Using illegal characters has the potential to cause errors during transaction processing. At times the use of illegal characters may even lead to data corruption. To avoid problems potentially caused by illegal characters, avoid using them in the following places:
Item #, Customer #, Vendor #
Database name
GL Account ID
Below is an example of an error that may occur if an apostrophe/single quote is used in the Customer # (i.e. POP’S).

Figure 1 - 1 Error # 170: Incorrect syntax near ‘S’

This error may occur when a space is used in a database name:

Figure 1 – 2. Error in creating database

Note: The screenshots used in these examples are taken from AM6.5 for SQL, build MS607a. Error message screens in AM6.5 for LAN and from VAM/LAN Version 5 will appear differently.

This example shows an error that you may encounter if the company’s data folder name or data path contains a space. You will encounter this error during Fiscal Year-End Closing.

Figure 1 – 3. Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword.

Note: This error is specific to the LAN platform. The screenshot used in this example is taken from AM6.5 for LAN, build LN601. The error message in VAM/LAN Version 5 appears differently.

The errors shown in this TechNote illustrate a few of the possible problems that you may encounter when you use illegal characters in AccountMate. Now that you know which characters are considered illegal in AccountMate, we suggest that you check your system and verify whether any of these characters exist in key fields. Should you find any, please contact AccountMate Technical Support for assistance. If there are no illegal characters, we further suggest that you keep a record of the list presented in this TechNote.

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