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AccountMate 6.5 for SQL and MSDE (Build MS604a and MD604a respectively) introduce changes to the product that have been requested by AccountMate Business Partners and their customers. The higher visibility changes include:

• Product’s User Interface (UI)
o Main Toolbar is divided into the Menu Toolbar and the Power Toolbar
o The Shortcut Pane is divided into 5 individual categories, and some are
customizable for each user
o New icons
o Changes to color scheme and drillable fields

• Lookup has been enhanced to include customization of lookup columns, autoformatting
of column width, advance features help control the number of records
shown when performing leading searches, export the lookup results to Excel, etc.

• Product Key Activation process eliminates the need for module diskettes and
multiple serial numbers and activation keys

• Maintenance reminder function tracks the expiration of annual maintenance

• Error Log program enhancement that enables the emailing of error details to
designated recipients (i.e. AccountMate Reseller)

• Additional optimizations applied to multiple functions

• New On-line Help

• New product packaging

• Expanded Sample Company data

• Simplified installation process

• Developed and compiled with Visual FoxPro 8 SP1

• Support of Windows 2003 Server

In more detail these changes are:

User Interface

The AccountMate 6.5 version has a new look. The AccountMate screen is reorganized for easy access to different
AccountMate functions and/or external programs. You’ll notice that this new UI utilizes XP Themes, productivity
toolbars, and a shortcut pane.

Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar is divided into the Menu Toolbar and the Power Toolbar. The Menu Toolbar lets you select the
company, module, and functions available under each module. The Power Toolbar contains the previous File menu
function with the addition of the Windows Explorer, Outlook, Excel, Word, and Internet Explorer.

Shortcut Pane

The Shortcut Pane is divided into 5 categories, namely: My AccountMate Shortcuts, My Programs, My Group
Shortcuts, My Recent Documents, and My Internet Favorites. To maximize productivity, you can also add
additional folders to categorize your shortcuts.
My AccountMate Shortcuts and My Programs are customizable per user and workstation. You can add shortcuts of
AccountMate functions or external programs under these categories. You can even organize the shortcuts by folder.
My Group Shortcuts shows the functions that were previously under the Express Icon Toolbar. The function list is
still driven by the Group Setup function in the administrative program.
My Recent Documents shows the same shortcuts that are displayed when you access the Start > Documents >
Recent Documents feature in Windows.
My Internet Favorites shows the internet shortcuts set up through the Internet Explorer.

Other User Interface Changes

New icons.

Labels are no longer shown with a yellow background color.
Drillable fields are indicated by a hand icon instead of the cross-hair.
When the form is resized to a smaller size than the form toolbar, clicking on the “>>” icon will show the hidden
buttons of the toolbar.
The AccountMate Lookup functionalities have also been enhanced. Changes to the lookup feature include the

• Properties

The Properties feature will allow you to customize the lookup columns. Select to display specific
columns based on your preference. Reorganize the columns you choose to display by how they are
ordered in the Properties window. Save the lookup criteria and flag it to be personal use only or shared
with other users.

• Advance

Previous versions of AccountMate show a blank grid when performing a blank leading search. Now,
the Advance feature helps you control the number of records shown for each individual lookup when
performing a leading search. It also allows you to automatically resize the columns to show in full the
information that will be retrieved by the lookup function. If you did not set this property to default,
you can also use the Autosize feature on the lookup toolbar.

• Export to Excel

The lookup result can be exported to an Excel file. The Excel file will automatically be opened, and
you can save the exported information from the Excel program.

• Workstation Setup

The new version of AccountMate is best viewed in a 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution. As some
workstations may not support this display option, AccountMate has provided the flexibility to switch
back to the menu system used in AccountMate Version 6.0. When you select the AccountMate 6.0
User Interface, the Menu Toolbar switches back to the traditional menu system and the Shortcut Pane
is not available. To switch between interfaces, access the Workstation Setup under the Utilities menu.
Changes will take effect after you log back into AccountMate.

Error Log

AccountMate provides an Error Log that stores pertinent information about each error that a user encounters
whenever a program failure occurs while using AccountMate. The Error Log helps tremendously in determining the
cause of the error and in resolving it in less time. Each time a user encounters an error in AccountMate, there is an
option to e-mail the details about the error to your AccountMate Reseller, AccountMate Technical Support, or any
other person who can help troubleshoot the error. You may also choose to send the details about the error at a later
time by accessing the pertinent record through the Error Log Viewer function.

Enable Warehouse lookup in the Inventory Maintenance Function
We have simplified the Inventory Warehouse setup for inventory records. Previous versions and builds require that
the user know beforehand the actual Warehouse code in order to add the Inventory Warehouse record. Now, we
have added the capability to look up the available warehouse records. This way the user can just click and select
when setting up the Inventory Warehouse.

Optimization of Build Kit Item in IC Module
We have implemented a performance optimization in this function to speed up the process of building large
quantities of kit items that use average costing.

Optimization of Purge Payments in AR Period-End Closing
We have optimized the process of purging a large number of payments in the AR Period-End Closing function.

Barcode Printing of Inventory Labels
It has been reported that the Inventory Label printing of barcode was not working except for one or two label types.
This issue is now resolved. In addition, the program now allows the user to choose the barcode font to use for
printing. This information is saved into the system and be retrieved the next time a user accesses the Print Inventory
Label function.
Note: Make sure the barcode font is installed in the system so that it will be displayed in the font list.

AP Debit Note Report Renamed
There have been several requests to rename the AP Debit Note Report to AP
Prepayment Invoice Report.

F11 and F12 feature in AP Module
F11 and F12 shortcut keys have been added into several functions in the AP Module. F11 is used to populate the
full amount for a specific record. F12 is used to populate the full amount for ALL records shown in the grid. Using
the Shift key with F11 and F12 will reverse the processes; amounts will be reset to zero.

Expanded Sample Company Data
Sample Company data was expanded by adding more transaction records.
Updated On-line Help
There is more solution-based html-style On-line Help. This was accomplished by having more up to date contents, a
more intuitive approach in presenting product information via pop ups, extended texts, and links to other Help

Simplified Installation Process

There was a conscious effort to streamline the installation process of the application. See specifics in the Installation
Section of this PLB. The module diskettes and source code diskettes have been eliminated. All components are
now included on the AccountMate 6.5 CD.

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